Inner Engineering - 7 Days (English)

 Kathmandu, Nepal

Designed by Sadhguru, Inner Engineering is a transformative program that includes simple Yoga practices, sessions and meditative processes guided by Sadhguru, and the transmission of Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, a powerful 21-minute Yogic process. This program helps you build a foundation of health, joy and exuberance, and establish a chemistry of blissfulness. 

6 - 12 August, 2024 (2081 Shrawan 22 - 28)
Timings (Choose any one batch):
Batch 1: Morning (6 am - 9 am)
Batch 2: Evening (6 pm - 9 pm)
10th Aug, Saturday (Shrawan 26): 6 am - 6 pm (full day for both the batches)

Language: English
Venue: Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Program Fee: NPR 6000 (inclusive of VAT)

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No physical agility required. Open to anyone of age 15 and above.

For queries: [email protected]

Envisioned by Sadhguru ,Project Samskriti offer programs in Indian classical arts including music, dance and kalaripayattu - a martial art form. These intricate arts have been employed for thousand of years for spiritual processes.